That is useful of green tea to lose weight?

The green tea is not just fragrant and delicious drink, but also an excellent companion in a difficult profession, such as the loss of weight. Note that it is a wizard, and is not a panacea. In effect, you can drink tea and a variety of sweets such as crackers and chocolate, but the weight does not change in the smaller side, but on the contrary to grow. As well as on the management of nutrition and physical activity must not be forgotten, in any case.

The green tea for weight loss in our life came recently, while China and Japan, it is very popular for millennia. Moreover, among these peoples, that spend a cup of tea of a lot of attention, it will be quite difficult to find an obese person. And here is the black tea, which like in the various countries, peoples of the east enjoyed a lot less. And all this thanks to its beneficial properties of green tea and its characteristics.

The beneficial properties of green tea for weight loss

the green tea slimming

On the health benefits of green tea and walks a lot of legends and has written many articles. First of all, this flavored drink appreciated for its ability to quench thirst. But we know also, and on the healing power of green tea, and not without reason, the inhabitants of the East, of which this drink at a very special place, is characterized by a good health, youth and longevity.

The green tea has properties that promote weight loss, but also it helps to clean the body, removing the slag and restore the normal metabolism. In addition, this wonderful drink contains b vitamins, vitamin c, vitamin k, copper, zinc, fluorine and many other nutrients. Mention the catechins and antioxidants, which are in sufficient quantities contained in this tea. They help fight excess weight, it is enough each day, drink 2-3 cups of drink.

The green tea slimming is useful and all the more it is able to reduce the appetite and to maintain the level of glucose in the blood at an appropriate level, helping them to get rid of the crisis of hunger. Similarly, this drink has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and the nervous system, contributes to the improvement of the immunity and is tones, by replacing the coffee in the morning. Only the difference of the latter, the green tea does not increase the pressure, on the contrary, it is lowered.

The green tea slimming

Nutritionists recommend that people consume green tea regularly to speed up the process of weight loss. And most of all, you can drink as much as you want. The green tea helps the body to remove the excess fluid causing the swelling, then get rid of the fat. But, of course, without the correction of the diet, a cup of tea, then you can not get a good result.

To get rid of the extra pounds, the best is to cut them or remove them completely from the diet of a café, replacing it with green tea, flour, products with sugar, instead of fried foods eaten steamed or in the oven. Meat is desirable to completely clean, but the fish get in your diet. The essential for the menu of a lot of fruits and vegetables, especially now that all this is easy to obtain in a store or at the country house.

How to use green tea for weight loss

Classic, the recipe of chinese green tea, you can drink without adding sugar and milk. Those who can't do without it sweet or don't like the bitterness, which has green tea, you can add warm (not hot!) drink a little lime or honey of flowers. In the hot tea and honey to lose the healing properties.

Infuse the green tea better in a ceramic bowl, so it's best brewed and retains its deep flavor. Drink this drink must be fresh, that is, to brew its best to exactly one or two cups. The maximum effect you will get if you drink the drink is not hot, and a little cooled.

How to choose green tea slimming

The choice of green tea is quite important. If acquire low quality of the product, and the noticeable effect will not be. So do not skimp on itself. Welding is preferable to take specialist departments, in bulk or in their packaging, but not a basket, and in bulk. You can use the tea with the addition of different petals of flowers, bark and fruit. Up to you to choose what drink to drink, because it is important for the tea fun.

Green tea with milk or tea with milk

One of the many variants of recipes of green tea, which are often used for weight loss – the milk with the green tea. This drink in particular contributing to the rapid elimination of excess fluid from the body and improve health. To do this, you must heat to simmer 2 ch skim or not fat milk until it bubbles, but not allowing it to boil. In the milk, add 3-4 c. l. dry solder of green tea, cover and let the tea infuse for 10 to 15 minutes. And then the drink has to filter and drink. Good this recipe during the days of fasting. It is only to be involved in this tea is not worth it, otherwise problems may arise with the appetite and the work of the stomach.

Another option of green tea with milk is prepared simply: boil the tea in the usual manner, let it rest, then add the skim milk in a ratio of 1:1 with the tea leaves. The drink resulting place over low heat and warm for 5 minutes. This tea helps to reduce the appetite and causes a feeling of satiety.

The green tea and the diet

green tea

As previously indicated, the beverage will not bring quickly to a result. Which means that it is ideal if you have decided to go on a diet. Regardless of the power option, you have not chosen, with the green tea you only speed up the process and the faster to reach her goal. In fact, everyone wants to become more slender and more pretty as possible! You can also drink tea with milk during the days of fasting or days of fasting, if you stick to such a regime. The regular consumption of green tea you will feel better, and lose a few kilo hated weight.

Now, you know the answer to the question, is that the green tea lose weight. Then, go into the shop, choose one of the varieties of tea the taste and before, in charge of energy, have fun, lose weight and rejuvenate with this wonderful drink. And for a single and clean up your body and strengthen immunity in the fall.