Losing weight after 40 years of age, without danger to the health and for a long time

The older we get, the more difficult it is to solve the problems of the preservation of health and, as a result, the question often arises: how to maintain the weight or even reduce it, not causing harm?

Throughout life, we change constantly in emotion and physiologically. And at each stage of life reflects on the possibilities of maintaining a normal weight. The principles of reduction of weight for people of all ages in fact the same, but there are some features.

The younger you are, the easier it is to lose weight. The body is more willing responds to all attempts to diet, physical exercise. At this age, any stressful situation in addition to promotes the loss of weight, weight.

But here stepped over the age of forty, and now the arrow, the weight of everything is more likely to move back. The weight or the money, or, inexorably, moves to the top. We understand that diets don't work. Although we are actively to move, but this is not enough. And stress more and more often to weight gain. What happened and how to keep a normal weight? And for many, the question is more serious: how to lose weight after 40 years?

How to lose weight after 40 years of age, without danger to the health

how to lose weight after 40

The issue of weight loss, after forty years not care a lot of people, that's why I tried to gather useful tips from specialized sources, available on the internet. I think that not only me, but many of these information will be useful to you.

After 40 years in the body of the man is to actively begin to produce hormonal changes that reduce the rate of cell renewal. Starts the process of aging of the body. Metabolic or metabolic processes of the body start to slow down and if nothing change in his life, and in particular in the power, the movement and the dream, it is the aging of the body will be fast: the weight is typed quickly, and as a consequence you experience a variety of chronic diseases from such a disease, such as diabetes, heart disease and joint problems.

On all of the weight after the age of 40, most commonly affects a change in the thyroid. After consultation with a doctor endocrinologist in people who have started gaining weight (despite all the efforts to eat properly and to move actively) and can in no way reduce, the more often discover the hypothyroidism. This disease is related to a slowdown of the activity of the thyroid gland, and it is the production of hormones that regulate the metabolism of the body as a whole. Generally adequate replacement therapy can solve this problem.

About the food for those who want to lose weight after 40 years

It must be remembered that the need for food among young people and those who have more than forty years quite different, as in volume and in number of calories.

  • Embed the "bad" habit to leave on the plate of food.
  • Change the usual three times meal per day, five or six and save the total daily calories.
  • Remember, a glass of wine equals 150 calories.
  • Enjoy the food, carefully chew and you have less time will be needed in order to feel satiety.
  • Leave it on for each meal, the diet is a vegetable or a fruit. So you don't miss out as the need to eat vegetables and fruits.
  • The main dish should be based on vegetables or grains, and here is the meat and fish just as a seasoning.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables – this helps to reduce the weight.
  • All chopped cereals do not have the same nutritional value as whole grains.

As if we haven't tired of hearing on the calories, but, unfortunately, without it, difficult to move about reducing weight. A simple equation: everything that we got with food, must be used for life, the rest goes in stocks. The more we go, the more calories the food we need. Conversely, the less one moves, the less food we need. It seems that this bar of chocolate? Only on a total of 150 kcal. But if she is eating more than needed each day, for the year, we can improve to 10 kg because after 40 years, we have reduced the physical activity, the set of weights is inevitable. And it is at this age, it is necessary to constantly remember the rule: ate too much — make the movement active.

After forty years, arises the need to keep a food journal, the table of control of the weight and volume, as well as set products lead to weight gain, and can reduce. In fact, we are all unique: allowing the other, the other can cause damage. To know the peculiarities of his body, it is easier to take measures in the plan to maintain a normal weight.

Can't admit the appearance of the sensation of hunger and at the same time not need to transmit. The plan, which in large part focus on the existence of a hungry, after the age of 40 years is simply unacceptable. The body when such an approach responds to her: after the transition to a normal diet, he gains weight beyond measure and record this weight as normal. Therefore, losing excess is more difficult. Our goal is to give less, but maintain the feeling of satiety.

For this, it is necessary to arrange the power mode often, but little by little diversified. Click on the power supply of 5 or better 6 times a day at intervals of more than 3.5 hours. Thus, you can easily maintain the stability of the sugar level in the blood and avoid the feeling of hunger and fatigue.

Many experts say that all of mang before bedtime is postponed on the waist and hips. But at the same time everything that we eat, in the first half of the day, when the metabolic processes are in the active phase, converted by the body completely. Therefore, all those who wish to maintain or regain your weight normal, it is necessary to take the breakfast, even if you don't want to.

How to combat the desire to eat something delicious, but not very useful? No need to fight it. You just need to learn to enjoy or long chew food. Take a little bit of cake in the mouth, and along his chew. The brain remembers this pleasure (and us, the main thing – to feed the brain) and the second slices may not be necessary. Only here, the board, place the second piece of the gap, called the view. Cake to eat, but you have to take. The brain includes: "is not prohibited, and it is possible to eat, but a little later, but for now it is enough, and this." It is as if you are crafty. Is not banned, and reported.

Artificial sweeteners give a taste of the sweetness, but do not give saturation. Therefore, the feeling of hunger of these products is hardly possible to get rid of it. A little better to eat sweet, but only after the main meal, that eating foods with sweeteners, yes, even fasting.

Include in your diet foods that promote fat combustion. It is, and pineapple, green vegetables, green tea, grapefruit, jerusalem artichoke and others. All products eat, but moderately, and the process of reduction of weight should move.

The foods that help burn fat

the plan
  • Oats – the whole grain cereal to give the sensation of satiety longer than hercules . Porridge oats has a high rate of soluble fibres, therefore, is able to reduce the levels of cholesterol and lipids in the blood.
  • The egg eating in the morning, egg, weight loss is more rapid than if there is just mush.
  • Low-fat yogurt — contains an optimal amount of protein and fat, good for application during the second breakfast.
  • The apple, mang for half an hour before meals, the appetite decreases due to its fiber and pectin. As a result, the person is saturated with less food.
  • Lean red meat (beef, veal, turkey meat) – tight protein helps to maintain muscle mass, provided you're active and then, the lack of exercise you have no fear.
  • Cinnamon can increase insulin levels, which, in turn, reduces the rate of blood sugar and cholesterol. Cinnamon, you can add cocktails, drinks, salads, fruit, pastries.
  • Almonds – tight plant protein contributes to the normalization of triglyceride levels.

Water for those over 40

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Do not confuse hunger with thirst
  • Carry a water bottle with you always and everywhere
  • Try to make the water a better taste, adding the juice of citrus and berries.

On the movement for those who want to reduce weight after 40 years

  • Try to move more. If you sit down, you get up every hour and do something in the movement: home-made, garden, get up and come down by the staircase in the entry.
  • Do not rely on electrical appliances, which help us to reduce the cost of the work: - dishwasher, steam cleaners, etc to do more homework – then you are no longer forced to move.
  • Use a pedometer to control the amount of movement. Try to gradually increase the number of steps per day (minimum 3000).
  • Try to play regularly in the more active of the person that you are. Note of time, for how long you are able to clean the apartment, season of bed, walk to the stop, etc

Many say that the assets in the life and they are called the "electro-brooms". But it is characteristic of the body to those over 40 is such that it is not enough to move, and have need of the power load to increase muscle mass. Because when the body ages, naturally, the muscles are replaced by fat.

The normal movement such as walking, can really help to health, especially those suffering from heart problems, but to build muscle mass to reduce the weight of such exercises cannot. Therefore, inside the exercise in the morning you want to include exercises with elastic. The gage of the effectiveness of these activities, the regularity, a gradual increase of the load and the duration. The extensions of muscles will help useless to clean the layer of fat that has formed with age.

On the dream, for those who want to maintain their weight in the standard

  • Remember, someone who sleeps less, weighs more
  • If do not eat before going to sleep, the body will be easier to cope with the remnants of the food and the sleep will be more quiet.
  • Can not sleep, do not eat, drink a little milk.

Sleep disorders have contributed to what we are beginning to gain weight. This is due to the fact that the hormones leptin and ghrelin, to control satiety and hunger, when the sleep inadequate develop properly. Leptin decreases, and the man does not feel saturation, ghrelin increases the sensation of hunger is always present. Often, people who do not have enough sleep, choose food more fresh and more salty. So the body tries to compensate for the lack of energy.

Having settled in to sleep, you can be sure that the problem of the reduction of weight will be discussed in more easy. Because the largest and best quality, we sleep better undergo a process of fat burning.

After forty years of a radical change in the life habits related to nutrition or physical exercise, nor to no good result: only the fatigue and discouragement. Therefore, switching to a healthy lifestyle slowly and, most importantly, do not forget about the regularity. This is the main secret of weight loss after 40 years old.

The balance in the equation "how much has earned energy, so much has happened", he must support all his life. Need to choose for themselves: focus on burning calories, and thus increase the number of physical exercises of force or to put the emphasis on the reduction of the consumption of calories, and therefore the need to standardize the diet in the direction of decrease the calorie intake through product composition or due to their volume. You can choose from.